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Try a PDO thread for a nonsurgical alternative to a facelift.

Do you want the results of a facelift without having surgery? At Jessica Ellam Aesthetics, we recommend PDO threads to our clients who want to look and feel younger without the downtime and invasiveness of surgery.

PDO Threads in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

PDO threads are a minimally invasive procedure that can be applied to the jowls, neck, or face. During this process, we use threads, which have small cones on them, and pass them underneath the skin using a needle. The cones take hold of the skin from underneath and then pull it, so it suspends in more of a lifted, youthful position. While in place, the PDO fillers will also stimulate your skin’s natural production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, so your skin continues to achieve lasting results.

The results you will get from your PDO thread will depend on the laxity of your skin tissues and the location, type, and number of threads used during this procedure. Some of our clients in Oak Ridge, Tennessee have reported to us that the results of their PDO threads lasted anywhere from 18 months to two years. Following your appointment, the treatment area may be slightly discolored and swollen, but within a few days, these symptoms will go away on their own.

PDO threads can get great results without the need to have surgery. For more information about this service and how it can give you a more youthful appearance, contact us today.

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