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Get a smoother, tighter jawline with Kybella.

Kybella in Knoxville, TennesseeWhen you look in the mirror or at pictures of yourself, is the first thing you notice a double chin? As you age, dieting and weight loss efforts can’t always reduce the appearance of stubborn fat around your jawline. This is where Kybella comes in. This injectable treatment is applied under the chin to permanently destroy fat cells and get rid of that double chin.

Most of our Knoxville, Tennessee patients need anywhere from two to four treatments to get visible results from Kybella. Although it takes between 30 and 90 days to see the full effect of this injectable treatment, the results are permanent.

During each treatment session, we will apply several small injections to the area underneath your chin. This typically takes between 15 and 20 minutes. During your initial consultation, we will determine how many injections you need to have underneath your chin to help you achieve your desired profile.

You might have some numbness, bruising, or swelling underneath your chin after each Kybella session. However, these symptoms should go away within a few hours or in a day or two after your appointment.

Kybella may be right for you if you’re unhappy with the fat under your chin, you feel like your double chin makes you look older than you actually are, you’d like to avoid surgical options, and you’re ready to feel more confident in the way your face looks. Contact us today at Jessica Ellam Aesthetics to learn more about Kybella and to set up your initial consultation.