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Our goal is to help you look and feel your best. At Jessica Ellam Aesthetics, we offer a wide array of different services, ranging from injectables and waxing to microneedling, chemical peels, injectable hormones, and more to help you boost your confidence and feel better.

Before you start seeing us for regular appointments at our aesthetic center, we want you to come in for a complimentary consultation. During your consultation, we will discuss some of the following:

  • Some of the treatments you are interested in
  • Your current health condition
  • Your aesthetic goals and how we can help you achieve them

Your complimentary consultation is also your chance to ask us any questions about our treatment options or why you should choose our aesthetic center. We will provide as much information as we can, so you feel confident going into every following appointment.

Following your consultation, we will put together an individualized plan that recognizes what you want to accomplish and helps you get the results you’re after. All of our aesthetic professionals are highly trained, skilled, and qualified to provide our services. They’ll make you feel right at home every time you come in for an appointment!

We’re here to enhance your natural beauty while helping you feel your best in Knoxville, Tennessee. To set up your complimentary consultation with a member of our aesthetics team, contact our office today.