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An effective alternative to microblading.

Take your unruly or thinning eyebrow hair and smooth it out while lifting your brow hairs in a vertical direction with brow lamination. An effective alternative to microblading, brow lamination can give you super-smooth brows that look like you spent significant time filling them out before you left the house for the day.

Brow Lamination in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Brow lamination is for you if you want thicker, fuller brows that highlight your face but don’t want to go through the process of having your brows microbladed. We do brow lamination at Jessica Ellam Aesthetics, and we can’t wait to show you the kind of results we can get for you and your brows.

During your brown lamination appointment at our aesthetic center, we can give you the brows you’ve been dreaming about in under an hour. Brow lamination is noninvasive and impactful, and it’s a great way to enhance your brows without spending a fortune on other types of treatments.

Although brow lamination is incredibly effective, it’s also nonpermanent. This means that you’ll need to come in for a lamination appointment every few weeks. How long your results last depend on your daily routine in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and your individual skin, so we’ll help you decide the best timeframe for repeating lamination and maintaining your results.

Get the brows you’ve always wanted through brow lamination. To set up an appointment or to learn more about what the brow lamination process entails, reach out to us today.

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