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Turn back the clock with fillers.

Fillers, Knoxville, TNAs you age, your skin will gradually begin to lose elasticity, collagen, and fatty tissue, which results in fine lines, wrinkles, and other skin concerns. Dermal fillers can enhance this lost volume and restore your skin’s hydration, providing a more youthful appearance without any downtime or surgery.

At Jessica Ellam Aesthetics, we use the most researched and tested fillers to treat common areas of concern. We provide solutions such as JUVÉDERM® hyaluronic gel fillers and Restylane fillers and will help you get the results you want based on your desired results and the goals you have for your appearance. We can apply fillers to your lips, cheeks, jawline, and other areas of your face to give you a more youthful look.

After treatment, the results of your new fillers will be immediately noticeable. Although the area may swell for a few days, this swelling will ease on its own and you should see final results approximately two weeks after your appointment. Every one of our patients is different and so the longevity of your fillers depends on multiple factors, such as the way your body metabolizes the product, the treatment area, and the amount of filler injected. For most people, fillers last anywhere from 6 to 18 months.

Fillers are one of the most popular options we offer at our aesthetic center, and we are eager to help you look and feel your best with this product. If you are in Knoxville, Tennessee and would like more information about our fillers or to learn more about our approach, contact us today.


Some important things to remember prior to filler treatments include:

-Avoid non steroid anti-inflammatory medications such as alive, advil, ibuprofen 3 days prior to your appointment.

-Avoid any OTC vitamins that may make you more likely to bruise such as vitamin E

-Avoid alcohol 24 hours prior to appointment

-Take Arnica to help prevent bruising if no contraindications

What to expect after your appointment:

-Bruising is common after filler injections. We take every precautionary measure to avoid bruising.

-Swelling is common. Use Ice to assist in the swelling process and sleep with the head of your bed elevated.

-It can take a full 2 weeks to see best results

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FAQs About Getting Fillers

As you get older, your skin will start to lose some of its shape and elasticity, and fillers can be a great option to restore some of the youthfulness to your appearance. Below, we’ve answered a few questions about fillers if you’re thinking about getting them.

What are fillers?
Dermal fillers enhance the volume in your face and restore your skin’s hydration. This provides a more youthful appearance, and you don’t have to undergo surgery or experience any downtime.
What kind of fillers do you offer?

We only use the most tested and researched fillers currently on the market. Some of the fillers we offer include JUVEDERM® hyaluronic gel fillers and Restylane fillers. We can apply fillers to your jawline, cheeks, lips, and other areas of your face that can help you look more youthful.

How quickly will I see results?

The injection area may swell for a few days after you get your fillers. However, you will instantly be able to see results.

How long do fillers last?

Most of our clients find that their fillers last anywhere from 6 to 18 months. How long your fillers last depends on a variety of factors, such as the injection site and the type of filler used.

How can I set up an appointment?
If you are interested in fillers, we want to talk to you! Contact us today to set up a consultation and learn more about how we can enhance your appearance with the use of fillers.

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