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Enhance your brows and lashes through the science of aesthetics.

At Jessica Ellam Aesthetics, we believe science permeates every aspect of aesthetics, including brows and lashes. Whether you’re struggling with lash growth or just want a polished look, we can help. We are experts in the latest advancements in brow and lash aesthetics, and we’re prepared to apply our extensive knowledge to help you achieve the look you want.

Brow and Lash in Knoxville, Tennessee

When it comes to brow and lash aesthetics, the little details matter. We offer a wide variety of services to enhance your look, from brow lamination and tinting to microblading and waxing. We combine the science of medical aesthetics with today’s trends, so you’ll get the look you want with safe and effective treatments that last.

We want to help every client we see feel confident and radiant in their skin, which is why we begin every client relationship with a free comprehensive consultation. Whether you are focused on brow and lash treatments or have a laundry list of aesthetic goals, we can help. We always prioritize the science behind our procedures and ensure you get the right treatments tailored to your specific needs and concerns.

Our commitment to both our clients and medical excellence has made us a reliable name in medical aesthetics in Knoxville, Tennessee. We are only interested in real results for our clients, and we know that scientifically proven treatments are the best way to achieve them.

If you’re looking for brow and lash treatments that are safe and effective, schedule your free consultation today. We’ll apply our expertise to achieve the look you want, down to the last lash.


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